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NCSwipe Adds Gesture Control To iOS 5 Notification Center [Cydia]

If you have a jailbroken  iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you’re probably aware of Activator, the popular Cydia tweak that lets users perform a plethora of tasks via gesture control. Everyone is bound to find it easier to swipe across the screen as compared to looking for an app’s icon on the Springboard. Combining the concept of Activator with the convenience of the iOS 5 Notification Center is NCSwipe, a widget for the Notification Center that lets you perform a vast number of tasks using simple swipe and tap gestures. The tweak supports three gestures for now, but the number of tasks that can be defined using these really does make the widget a useful one.

NCSwipe Cydia NCSwipe Settings NCSwipe Gestures

After you have installed the tweak, there will not be any visible changes in the Notification Center. You will have to enable the tweak from within the Notifications menu of the Settings app. Once that is done, head back to the main Settings screen and navigate to the dedicated NCSwipe menu. You will find three gestures within said menu:

  1. Right Swipe
  2. Left Swipe
  3. Tap

You have to toggle on the required gestures before proceeding to assigning actions against them. In the Controls menu, you will see a long list of features, like Wi-Fi toggle, volume, respring, reboot and other system shortcuts. The best thing about NCSwipe is that you can choose multiple actions against a single gesture, so with a single swipe various tasks will be performed simultaneously. When you’re done setting the gestures up, go to the tweak’s main page and hit the Apply Changes button. Now you can drag Notification Center down, and perform the defined actions within the widget’s allocated space.

NCSwipe could have been a tad better (specially in looks), but overall, it isn’t bad at all for a free tweak. For some people NCSwipe might prove to be a bit too tiresome, as it is not always easy to perform gestures within a small widget. Maybe we need a tweak that will add these new gestures to the whole Notification Center. You’ll find NCswipe within the BigBoss repo. The number of actions that can be programmed against gestures is truly awesome, and you are sure to find this widget almost as useful as SBSettings, specially given the fact that it works with Notification Center, a part of iOS that is easily accessible from anywhere just with a single swipe on the status bar.

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