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News.me: An Interest-Based News Aggregator For The iPhone

You might be able to find a lot of news readers in the iOS App Store, and some of them are pretty awesome, like Flipboard, due to their interface or the vast variety of news sources available in them. There are some apps, however, which still strive to bring something new to the genre of iPhone news readers. News.me is one such app, and using it you don’t have to do anything, as the app does all the work for you. This means that with News.me, you don’t have to go through a lot of setup steps and worry about the feeds you want to add to the news reader. News.me is smart enough to extract your preferences from your social networks, and create a personalized feed automatically. The app can do a lot more than that, and you can learn all about its features and working by reading on.

News.me Feed News.me Post

On the welcome screen of News.me, you get the options to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the app. When you have selected at least one of the networks, and the authorization procedure is finished, hit the Next button. The app is based on two features; news and reactions. Examining your social feeds, various sources will be added to the News.me feed of your account, and all of the articles from those sources are listed on the homepage. The posts are sorted according to the time of their publication, and a timestamp is displayed next to each one. To view the details of a story, just tap it and you can get the full article, along with the option to view its source page and comments from other users. News.me allows any subscribed user to leave their reaction on an article. There are some predefined reactions, like “Awesome”, “ha!”, etc., and you can also add a comment to the reaction before posting it.

News.me Reactions News.me Settings

News.me dedicates a whole separate section to reactions from other users. There is also the option to follow a particular user, allowing you to create a news network of friends from your Facebook or Twitter account. To make the app even more useful, News.me allows you to bookmark any article, and then you can read it even when you are offline. For all the convenience and intelligence News.me has to offer, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can grab it for free at the link provided below.

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