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News360 For Phones – A Comprehensive News App For Android Phones

Initially a tablet-exclusive app, News360 is now available for Android phones. News360 is for hardcore news followers who like to stay up-to-date with all the ongoing stories in and around the world. The app covers news stories from as many as 4000 different sources in English language along with comprehensive coverage through images and videos. Get comprehensive coverage of selected story and explore the flip side with supplementary material. Switch between local news, international news and select from wide array of diverse topics to view the news of your particular choice.

The interface of the app is truly praiseworthy. Swipe across the images to switch between stories. Drag the Latest News tab from the bottom to switch between news categories. Filter the news according to your location by using your phone’s GPS or WiFi connection and search for the news by feeding in any key word of your choice. Save all your favorite stories with a simple tap and view them while offline. Customize the app according to your preferable font size and get all the nouns highlighted within a particular story. Another remarkable aspect of the app is its integration with the TripIt service. Provided you are a registered TripIt user, you can associate your account with the app to get up-to-the-minute news stories pertaining to all the various destinations that you intend to visit en route to your travel itinerary.

Share your favorite stories with your social media buddies through a host of services that include Facebook, Twitter, Instapaper and many more. News360 is perfectly complemented by a wonderful 4×3 widget that provides the readers with live news feeds from their favorite category and displays all the news bits as a slideshow on your home screen. Need to browse you favorite news stories in offline mode? News360 is not just your daily doze of the latest news from across the globe, but also lets you bookmark your favorite stories so that you may explore them while on board, travelling, in bed or away from your home network. It doesn’t just end here; the app also has the capacity to use your device’s GPS in order to fetch the latest local news from around your vicinity. By authorizing the app to access your social accounts, you can get the best stories from all around the world, personalized specifically to your own tastes and preferences.

Download News360 For Phone (Android)

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