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News360 For WP7: Read & Share News Items From Various Sources

If the name News360 sounds familiar, don’t be surprised, as the app has been around for iOS and Android for quite a while (covered in detail by us). The popular news app is also available for Windows Phone 7, and it boasts of all the awesome features, and attention to detail, which define the app on other platforms. There might be a lot of news related apps in the Marketplace, but News360 is unique in the sense that it taps in to over 300 sources, and present the gathered news to its users under a single feed. Not only that, you can categorize items according to their topics, view news related to your location, and there is a whole separate menu for photos.

News360 WP7 News360 WP7 Feed News360 WP7 Photos

The app starts off with the display of the day’s Top Stories, and all of them are sorted based on the time they were posted on their source website. If you are looking for news related to a particular keyword, you can use the search button, located at the bottom of the screen. One of the best things about News360 is its Photos menu, where instead of captions and headlines, you just see thumbnails of pictures related to news stories, and you can get details of the story by tapping the image. To view news items related to your current location only, tap the GPS button, and the app will become your very own local news channel. You can customize the location from the settings menu as well.

News360 WP7 Article News360 WP7 Categories News360 WP7 Settings

News360 is all about sharing and spreading the news, and that’s why it comes with pretty neat Facebook & Twitter integration. While reading an item you can share it over your social network, or via email, and there is also the option to customize the font (small, medium and large fonts listed). There are a lot of categories with which News360 deals, and you can personalize the app by removing them with ease.

The app is about to get even better, as an update (promised to be released soon by the developers of News360) will bring preference-awareness to it. This means that News360 will judge your taste based on our social network activities, bringing you news items you would genuinely like to read. The app is available as a free download, so, do give it a try by heading to the web Marketplace link given below.

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