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Newser For WP7: News App With Concise Stories, Readers’ Reactions & A Great UI

In today’s world, getting information regarding any subject is fairly easy. These days, the question is not “How to get information?”, but “Where to get it?”. Technology has endowed us with a lot of sources for latest news and other up-to-date information. Even the age of television is passing, and now many people depend on their smartphones for staying in touch with all the important happenings. Even Windows Phone 7, a platform that is not known for the choice of apps in its Marketplace, has got a decent number of news apps. Newser is a new app for WP7 Mango devices that shows the world how news apps should be made. Not only has it got an absolutely gorgeous interface, the way it presents news to its readers is quite unique as well. The sole aim of Newser is to keep users interested in what they are reading. The news items are concise, and the app provides a unique voting system for them, which involves user reactions instead of the regular thumbs up/down or numerical rating.  The app offers way more than that, so read on to find out everything about Newser.

Newser Breaking Newser Superlatives

Newser presents an optional tutorial when you launch it for the first time, and you can view that by hitting the OK button in the Welcome message. It is possible to use the app without having to sign up for a Newser account, but you will need that if you want to vote on stories. The main page of the app is divided into all the usual sections that news apps usually have. You can read popular, trending and breaking news by swiping across the main screen. One rather curious section of Newser is the Superlatives area, which lists news stories that have been voted to be of a particular type by users. There are six of these genres that are predefined in Newser, and the app’s voting system revolves around these categories. A news item in Newser can be voted hilarious, brilliant, scary, depressing, intriguing or annoying. The Superlatives menu shows the stories that have received the most votes under each type.

Newser Story Newser Votes Newser Comments

Once you open an article in the app, you are sure to notice that the Newser writers certainly don’t beat around the bush, and this makes the stories to-the-point and interesting. By swiping to the right, you can view related posts, comments from users and other data associated with the article. At the end of most Newser articles, the links for the sources of the material are provided, and the app has a pretty good tagging system to go with. You can share a story with anyone via email or through your social network. Newser sports a pretty decent search function, and finally, you get the option to see the articles in a list view, as well.

The Newser app for WP7 has been released in collaboration with Nokia, but it works with non-Lumia devices as well. You can grab it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Newser

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