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NewsSpot: RSS Reader With Offline Reading & Live Tiles [WP7]

Although there isn’t an official Google Reader client for Windows Phone 7 from either Google or Microsoft, but there are a lot of third-party clients for the service available in the Marketplace (Samsung Zone’s RSS Times for Samsung WP7 devices, for instance). Still, it’s always nice to have some more options available, and NewsSpot provides you just that. It is a third-party client for Google Reader that comes with almost all the features you will find in the web service itself.

NewsSpot NewsSpot Feed

After you connect your Reader account with NewsSpot, the app begins scanning your feeds for unread feed items. In the unread section, the app provides a category view of the feeds in your account. Each category displays the number of unread posts present in it, and the good thing about this is that you can pin each category separately to the Start screen as a Live Tile. Each tile that you pin will show the number of items that arrived in that particular category since you last visited it. You can, of course, pin the whole app as a Live Tile as well, which will let you monitor the total number of new feed items from the Start screen.

NewsSpot Search NewsSpot Article NewsSpot Live Tile

NewsSpot supports in-app searching, a key feature missing in most other RSS readers. Avid readers often find the need to sift through their RSS feeds for a specific topic, and that is why the search option is a welcome addition to the app.

You can navigate to the source links of each article from within the app and there is also the option to open YouTube video links directly. NewsSpot only displays your unread and starred articles, which helps keep everything simple and uncluttered. If you find an article that you wish to view again later, you can bookmark it for offline viewing. In addition, the app has Instapaper support, which you can use to continue reading unfinished articles from your computer. Articles can be shared via email and over social media.

NewsSpot has two versions. The full version is priced at $1.99 and can load up to 1,000 unread articles at a time. The free version is ad-supported and loads up to 200 unread (along with 50 starred) items at a time. You can refresh the page after reading one batch of articles and the next 200 will be loaded. Apart from this little restriction, you can run the free version indefinitely and with all the features offered in the full version.

Download NewsSpot

[via XDA-Developers]

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