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Next2Me For WP7: Find The Nearest Bank, Hotel, Taxi Or Anything At All

Next2Me is a location-based app for Windows Phone 7 which lets its users search for any place they want to visit. Using the app, you can also share your current location with anyone via SMS or email. But that’s not all; Next2Me also tells you which of the searched places is nearest to your current location and displays it on the map along with the directions to get to that place. In addition to all this, the app combines a lot of features for which you usually require two or three separate apps.

After the introduction of Windows Phone 7, there was very little reason to miss Windows Mobile 6.5. However, there were a few features and apps the older version had which a few people still miss (smart dial for one). But the Marketplace has gradually been filling those gaps. Next2Me is another app which was popular on Windows Mobile, and has finally made its way to the metro platform.

Next2Me WP7Next2Me WP7 Categories

The homepage of the app welcomes you with a (very long) list of categories and just by tapping on any one of them, you will be able to see the places listed under it. If you can’t find a suitable match, or your required place does not seem to fit into any of the listed categories, you can simply use the app’s search option.

Next2Me WP7 Search ResultsNext2Me WP7 Place Details

The app uses Yahoo and Google as its search sources but if you have a problem with either, you can turn it off in Next2Me’s settings, which also has options for selecting a search radius and the units in which distances are displayed. Using the app, you can share your current location with anyone via SMS or email. Once you have searched for a place, there is the option to share that place’s contact info with friends.

Each search result has some pretty thorough details. Our favorite feature is the ability to call a place right from within the app, that is, if its number is listed. If you want, you can also save a place’s information to your phone.

Next2Me WP7 MapsNext2Me WP7 Directions

Every place you find using Next2Me will also be displayed on the map. If that’s not enough for you and you still need help getting there, the app allows you to view easy-to-understand directions for all the search results it displays.

You can grab the app for free from the WP7 Web Marketplace via the link provided below.

Download Next2Me

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