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Nextgen+: A New Windows Phone 7 Custom ROM For HTC HD7

Custom ROMs and Windows Phone 7 are two expressions which are very rarely used together. Unlike Android, you don’t get that level of customization with WP7 devices. With Mango, the security features have been further enhanced, making it even more difficult to get your device unlocked, let alone flash a custom ROM to it (as was explained in our post on the methods of unlocking a Mango phone). Fortunately, the developers over at the XDA forum are always looking for ways to bring something new to the WP7 community, and hacking teams like DFT and DeepShining have released a few custom ROMs for some Mango phones. These ROMs might not be too different from the stock firmware in WP7, but they still come up with some pretty good features. The latest to join the list of these custom ROMs is the brand new Nextgen+ for unlocked HTC HD7 devices. Read on to learn more about the ROM’s features and the method to flash it to your device.

One thing that a lot of users have applauded Nextgen+ for is its speed. If you think WP7 is already light enough, you should give this ROM a try. The ROM has been made more compact compared to the stock WP7 ROM, and so, is able to run at a higher speed. Not only that, Nextgen+ is also a multilingual ROM, which means that in addition to English, you get a host of other languages as the system and keyboard input options. Like the DeepShining ROM, Nextgen+ also gives its users interop unlock. It might be worth it to flash the ROM onto your HD7 just to get the interop unlock, but there is more to it than that.

Nextgen  for HD7 Accents Colored Emoticons WP7

Nextgen+ is a ROM which lays a rather strong emphasis on the finer aspects of your phone’s interface. By flashing the ROM you will get a ton of wallpapers as well as a new collection of themes and accents (includes black and facebook accents). These little changes don’t end here. The emoticons that appear within the Messaging hub and the keyboard have all been colorized, much like the ones you find in conventional IMs.

If you are sold out and want to try out this ROM, take a look at the procedure to flash custom ROMs to HD7. If you get stuck somewhere, you might want to read through our post on Mango unlocking. For further details, and to download the ROM, visit the source link provided below.

[via XDA-Developers]


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