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Nostalgio For iPhone/ iPad: Make Photo Collages & Add Effects To Them

Fotoyaki is an iOS app that allows users to create amazing mosaics from their photos, in addition to many other features. Nostalgio is another similar app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which comes with all the features necessary for creating collages out of any picture in your device’s library, or shot straight from the camera. Not only that, you can edit the created collage, and add a few effects to it as well. The best feature of the app is its ability to perform the desired task with a single touch, and simply by choosing from a detailed array of conveniently laid out options.

Nostalgio Collage Nostalgio Home

To create a collage, there are two options which are presented on the homepage of Nostalgio. You can either choose the number of photos you want to use in a collage, or select a frame layout which you will have to fill up with photos in the chosen order. If you just want to experiment with the app, hit the Random button, and the app will choose everything by itself, to give you a collage of the photos in your library. There is a pretty impressive collection of frames offered by Nostalgio, having a wide range of styles and layouts. For your chosen frame, you can also choose one of the 6 available Borders, which will be used as separators between the photos in the created collage, and around the whole image as well. The app also allows its users to set the collage in portrait, landscape or normal mode.

Nostalgio Editor Nostalgio Sharing Nostalgio Options

Each photo in the collage can be edited after its addition, by tapping it and choosing Modify from the pop-up menu. Editing options include rotating, and application of color filters like Sepia, Black & White and Cross Process. You can also configure Nostalgio to launch your device’s camera in any frame of a collage, so you can add photos to that particular frame right after you shoot them. The sharing options offered by the app are pretty good as well, and in addition to saving the collage to your Camera Roll, you can share it over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. There is support for mailing the finished photos straight from within the app as well.

Nostalgio is not a new app in the App Store, but recently it went free, so you can download it by going to the link below.

Download Nostalgio for iPhone

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