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Official Android App Of Q&A Based Social Network Formspring Released

There cannot be a better way of utilizing the concept of crowdsourcing than incorporating it into major social networking services. A very fine realization of said concept is Formspring – a social Q&A-based web service that lets users post questions on any desired topic, supported by relevant photos and/or URLs, share them on the network itself, Facebook and Twitter, and instantly find helpful answers from users all across the globe. Similarly, you can answer questions asked by other users, or smile at it (Like it). The service also has dedicated clients for Android and iOS-powered devices.

Apart from a pretty neatly designed and user-friendly interface, what sets Formspring apart from other similar apps such as Ask, ChaCha, and Thumb (formerly Opinionaided) is that it lets you post questions to other users anonymously, and opt not to receive questions from specific users and other anonymous posters. The app was initially released just in the iTunes App Store. However, now it’s time for Android users to join in the fun.

To start using the app, you must log in with a valid Formspring or Facebook account. New accounts can be created from within the app for free.


The app’s homescreen comprises five main tabs in all, namely Home, Inbox, Ask, Profile and Friends.

While the Home tab carries all the activities shared on the network, the Inbox tab contains the questions that other users have asked you. Tapping the Profile tab lets you access and modify your personal settings on Formspring whereas tapping Friends lets you find friends on the network and invite more to it. Every answer that you provide can be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter.


To start following a specific user, and/or to view all questions answered by them, just tap on their username. A user can be followed, and asked a question publicly or privately.


To post a new question publicly, tap the camera icon in the top-right corner of the app’s homescreen, or switch to the Ask tab. On the screen that follows, just feed in your question (maximum of 255 characters allowed), attach an image (optional), and hit Send. As mentioned earlier, you have the choice of selecting specific contacts or followers with whom you wish to share the question. Hit Menu > Refresh to manually update the app’s content.

Download Formspring for Android

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