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Official Android Client Of Famous Soccer Service Goal.com Released

With the intensity of the ongoing football season already reaching it’s peak, and with so many mouth-watering contests still lined up for the remaining season, you can ill-afford to miss out on all the action that is in the offering. Although there are plenty of great football apps available in the Google Play Store, few match the quality of graphics, number of features and the overall comprehensiveness that the official mobile client of Goal.com has to offer. Initially released to the iTunes App Store, Goal.com has finally reached the Google Play Store to provide Android-using football fanatics with the best and latest football content from all the international teams, as well as domestic leagues. Ranging from the latest soccer news to the player transfer deals, and from up-to-date soccer score sheets to the latest tweets flowing in from some of the soccer pundits, Goal.com has you covered well and truly. The aspect that sets the mobile client of Goal.com truly apart from its counterparts, is its ability to carve out all the latest content according to the user-specified teams, and present it right on your device’s homescreen via information-rich widgets, so that you’re never too faraway from learning about the recent activities surrounding your favorite teams’ camps.


Another highlighting aspect of Goal.com is its well-crafted interface that, for the most part, follows the same design as employed in the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. The app also supports downloading its entire content to your device’s local storage, so that you can access the entire edition anytime you want to, regardless of whether you’re online or not. In fact, Goal.com is among the very few apps from its genre that attracts the global audience courtesy of all the various worldwide languages in which it presents its content.

The app’s interface comprises several main tabs supplemented by further sub-tabs arranged on the screen in the form of individual columns. The Latest tab on the homescreen is dedicated to displaying all the latest soccer news in various ways. You have the option to check the latest content from the Premiere League, Transfer Zone, Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2012, or from the gossips segment.


The Live Scores tab, as implied by its title, brings you up-to-the-minute score lines from the completed as well as ongoing matches from the tournaments of your choice. For each completed game, you can view the final score line, along with the detailed breakdown of the events that occurred during the game. Be it the goals, bookings, injuries, substitutes et al, rest assured you won’t be missing anything that transpired during the course of the 90 minutes (and even beyond).

Standings is from where you can take a bird’s eye view of the the overall summary of the points table, complete with the details of total matches played, won or lost, as well as the total points that a team has earned thus far. Again, the sub-tabs present on this tab let you quickly switch to the points table from a tournament of interest.


Now, to the best part of the entire package: the My Teams tab, that lists content filtered as per your favorite teams only. Just hit said tab, pick your favorite team by navigating to its respective sub-tab, and you’re good to explore all the content fetched from that team/club in particular.

Tapping the More tab reveals several other handy options that can be availed to view all the news surrounding the UEFA Champions League, take a quick look into the events occurring in the Transfer Zone, follow the recent tweets from some of the game’s experts, and/or view all the content that you’ve favorited from within the app.


Each and every news story featured within the app is displayed along with high quality images that you can view via full-screen slideshows. In addition, you can also explore a story via its original page on Goal.com, add it to your favorites, share it with your mates on the fly, or download it to your device’s storage for full offline access.

Last but not the least are the app’s multi-sized dynamic homescreen widgets that can be selected from a variety of different of options to glance at your favorite teams’ scores, fixtures, tweets and more right from the comfort of your Android’s homescreen. You don’t even need to manually refresh all the content, as the widgets keep updating themselves as and when new information keeps flowing in.


So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive soccer app (barring, of course, the audio/video content), Goal.com is the way to go.

Download Goal.com For Android

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