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Official Android Gingerbread Update For Droid X2 Rolling Out Now [OTA]

Finally there is some great news for Motorola Droid X2 owners as official Android 2.3 Gingerbread is rolling out now! The update is a major one and comes with plenty of enhancements and bug fixes for the X2. Here is a list of all the improvements integrated in this latest official Gingerbread upgrade for Droid X2:

  • HDMI indicator clears if cable is connected and an application is started.D-X2-GB
  • No longer receive duplicate SMS messages.
  • After Mobile Directory Number (MDN) change, device no longer performs data reset.
  • On the home screen, icons and widgets display properly.
  • Improved stability reduces device resets, screen blackouts and screen lockups.
  • Correct device battery percentage is displayed.
  • VZ Navigator works simultaneously with Wi-Fi.
  • Easily subscribe or cancel a subscription to Visual Voice Mail.
  • Home tray icons can be customized via press and hold.
  • When device is placed in desk dock, device no longer plays loud sound.
  • Enhanced User Interface provides improved screen transitions.
  • Receive MMS sound notifications while on a call.
  • Pre loaded Google Books App.

Apart from these improvements, an all new Download Manager app along with Multi Touch Key Chording are also on board. For those of you annoyed with previous word selection and copy functionality, a new capability to select a word via press + hold is also integrated within this update.

In case you haven’t received the OTA notification for this upgrade on your phone, then follow the instructions below to self initiate the process:

  1. The first step is to make sure that you don’t have root on your phone. In case you do have root privileges, then it’s important to wait for a custom ROM that integrates this update.
  2. Now tap on the Menu button > Settings > About Phone > System Updates and press Download.
  3. After the download is complete, tap on Install Now.
  4. Once you get successfully installed update message, tap on OK.

And there you go! You now have the latest Gingerbread on your Droid X2.


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