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Official Android Gingerbread Update For Verizon Droid Incredible 2 Rolling Out Now

Finally there is some great news for Droid Incredible 2 users on Verizon as official Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update 2.18.604.4 is rolling out now OTA. The new update is jam packed with brilliants features in collaboration of Gingerbread awesomeness. Verizon has completely revamped the performance of stock Mobile IM and and have resolved synchronizing issues with Hotmail along with optimizing the device connectivity when roaming on global GSM / UMTS networks.

An all new Download App Manager has been included in this OTA update that is set to manage all your download while you browse the web and other applications. There is another Power Management Details inclusion feature that is literally a Verizon branded Android task killer. There is also a new Desktop Dock App that will make docking easier and better optimized.


Apart from these essential and much needed enhancements / improvements, there is also an improved text selection and copy functionality. Alarm notifications have been ripped from emergency mode and NYT tab will now be a part of stock onboard browser.

In case you have already attained root privileges on your device, then it is important to stay away from this update. Underground developer community hasn’t given this a clean chit and you might risk bricking your device by applying this update on your rooted Droid Incredible 2. We believe that there will be a modified rooted and deodexed version of this update available soon in shape of a flashable ROM.

The total size of this update is 116 MB and here are the instructions on updating Over The Air:

  1. After you are prompted for a Software Update on your phone, press OK to proceed.
  2. Read carefully through the warnings on resulting screen and press OK.
  3. Now sit back and relax while the update automatically installs on your phone.
  4. In case you haven’t received an update prompt until now, then go to Home > Menu > Settings > Software Update > Check New and press Restart and Install.
Via Verizon

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