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Official Android & iOS App Of Online Investment Service Zecco Released

We have previously reviewed quite a few Android and iOS apps that present the users with the latest and up-to-date financial reports and stock market values/analyses, but hardly anyone comes closer to Zecco Mobile in terms of aesthetics as well as features. Laced with plenty of highly informative and neatly presented financial news, reports, graphs, charts, timeframe-based comparative analyses, real-time streaming quotes, Bulls & Bears information, Calls & Puts values, movers & shakers of the world’s top stock markets, personal trading accounts and live stock market statistics pertaining to user-specific quotes, the official mobile client of one of the world’s renowned online investment and trading services, Zecco, vows to be your hub for all the latest finance-related content.

The app presents you with the option to trade mutual funds, options and stocks on the go, and gives you complete control of your trading accounts right in your palms. Using the app, you can create multiple watch lists, complete with your preferred stock symbols, and keep a close tab on all the market activities pertaining to each. Moreover, you can search for/explore detailed profile of worldwide stocks, and keep a close eye on the opening price, previously closed price, day high/low values, a 52-week range, market capitalization value, shares outstanding, change in the market value during the past 24 hours, total volume size and bid size of each. That’s not all; the app also supports informing you about all your personal Zecco activities via notification alerts.


When launched, the app prompts you to log in with valid Zecco credentials. However, signing in is not entirely necessary, and you can skip this step to head over to the app’s homescreen that presents you with all the aforementioned features via various tabs, namely Portfolios, Trade, Market, Quotes, Alerts and Settings. That said, in order to access your personal Zecco content (stock quotes, personalized watch lists, live market analysis and reports), you must be logged in with your Zecco account.


As obvious with their titles, each tab on the app’s homescreen is dedicated to bring you the relevant and up-to-date content from the world of finance and stock market.


All your various Zecco portfolios, complete with symbol-oriented Watch Lists, can be accessed from under the Portfolios tab. You can also create a New Watch List comprising all the various stock symbols of interest whose market position you wish to monitor. Once a watch list is created, you can start monitoring real-time data and analysis of all the added stocks of interest.


Tapping a stock reveals further, in-depth information about it. In this regard, you can explore multiple charts relevant to that particular stock, compare it with other stocks, set a specific timeframe to adjust the charts accordingly, filter the app’s news segment to check all the news relevant to that particular stock, view detailed option table (with Calls & Puts analysis), explore detailed market profile of that stock, view the Bears & Bulls values from the past 24-hours or 5 days, and/or check out all the ZeccoShare Members’ activities pertaining to the stock.


The best part about exploring all the aforementioned details is that the app itself prompts you to tilt your device to landscape orientation to explore extended graphical and statistical information wherever applicable.


Any stock/quote that you search via the app can be added to a Watch List of choice right from its details page. All the key values pertaining to a quote are updated automatically so that you always stay abreast of the recent stock market position.


All in all, Zecco Mobile provides you with a true bird’s eye view of the stock market statistics so that you can trade your stocks better and make sound financial decisions based on all facts and figures that the app presents you on your mobile device’s homescreen.

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