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Official Android, iOS Client Of Photo-Sharing Service Epicons Released

Epicons is a relatively newer and simpler photo-sharing social network service that lets multiple users share their memorable photos with each other via personalized event-based albums (referred to as episodes). Apart from sharing your own images, you can also explore high quality photos shared publicly by other Epicons users from all across the globe. The service released its iOS client in the iTunes App Store almost a month ago, whereas the Android variant of Epicons has just recently been rolled out in the Google Play Store. The mobile app’s concept is pretty basic, as it lets you upload newly captured or locally stored images from your device’s local storage to your Epicons account without any fuss. You can create new episodes (albums) with custom privacy and sharing settings, and start filling them with relevant snaps. All images are presented under their respective albums in chronological order, and you can start exploring them in full screen via a simple slideshow. The app allows importing images from Flickr and Picasa, and lets you tag, rate and comment on any photo you like.

In order to start using the app, you must log in with a valid Epicons account. New account can be created from within the app for free.


From the app’s UI perspective, there’s really not much to talk about. The homescreen is comprised of a total of four main tabs, namely My Photos, Episodes, Camera and More.

My Photos is where you can find all your personal Epicons photos and episodes. Episodes is from where you can explore all the episodes shared publicly by other app users. Tapping the Camera tab lets you snap a fresh photo, while tapping the More tab presents you with the option to upload a photo from your device’s local storage.


As soon as an image is uploaded, you are prompted to assign it to an existing or a new album. For each new album created, you can specify the sharing and authentication settings accordingly. There is an option to share an album, as well as each individual photo under the public or private tag. Moreover, you can specify user access and notification settings for individual albums.


While exploring an album, just tap an image to view it in full screen. While in full screen mode, you can use the navigation keys to switch between photos, or tap the play icon at the bottom to start a slideshow of the album.

Download Epicons For Android

Download Epicons For iOS

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