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Official App For Sports News Network SB Nation Available For Android

How many online sports based services can you recall that effectively amalgamate high quality, updated sports news with a fair share of perspective of die hard sports enthusiasts? Whatever options pop up to your mind, one thing is for sure that SB Nation ranks right up there with the very best on the list of the most authentic sports sources available. Perhaps, SB Nation enjoys integration with numerous sports-based apps and aggregators. If you’ve been hitherto relying on the SB Nation website to get your daily dose of sports news, editorials and exclusive content, we have a great news for you. Featuring all the latest and breaking news and updates from the sports world, the official SB Nation client for Android ensures that all the on-field as well as off-field action from your favorite games is always a tap away. The app provides you with a chance to support and promote your favorite sport, and participate in discussions with other fans. Initially available only for iOS, the app is now available in the Android Market as well.


The app’s neatly designed homescreen brings you the latest SB Nation sports Newsfeed, filtered content regarding your chosen Lineups (teams, blogs & sports), and all the updates regarding news that you’re Following, all housed in separate tabs.

Although you can use the app without registering for an SB Nation account, commenting on news items requires you to log in with one. Registration is free and can be done from within the app.


Below each news item within the Newsfeed tab, you’ll find a scrollable list of related updates (if any). The Lineup tab is all about personalizing the app’s content, and viewing updates from around the blogosphere. You can filter content according to any sport, team and/or blog of your choice. Posts flowing in from the blogosphere are categorized by blogs themselves, and sports fans worldwide.


Comments on a news item aren’t displayed directly underneath it, like in most similar apps. You have to tap the comments option below a post to view them from within another screen. Said screen provides you with options to mark all comments as read, refresh the thread, and quickly jump to the top/bottom of the thread. The Following tab lists all the latest updates from your favorite sporting events and teams. The app automatically alerts you if a news item is added to this section.

Download SB Nation for Android

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