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Official App For The Economist Lands On Android Market

The Economist has the distinction of being one of the oldest and most widely followed publications of the world. For well over a period of a decade and a half, people from all over have been benefiting from the reliable and thought provoking content of the magazine, and with the passage of time, all the content offered in the published version of the magazine has been made digitally available as well. As is the case with most web apps these days, anything that’s available over web can be accessed in the form of a standalone app, and when it comes to presenting the official Android client of The Economist in the form of an app, things are no different at all. The official app of popular weekly news magazine The Economist has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time but now there is an official app available in the Android Market as well for dedicated Economist readers. The app brings quite a few interactive and rich features that include a vibrant UI, preview of full issues with concise information on all articles, checking out all previously released issues, notification upon release of new issues, easy switch between Day/Night reading mode, free audio download support for all issues, choice to select regional editions, in-app subscription of preferred issues and lots more.

The app works flawlessly in landscape as well as portrait orientation. While portrait mode just displays the title of the issue, landscape mode adds brief info about the issue. The best part about The Economist app is the Download audio option which allows high quality free audio downloading of any desired issue. Downloaded tracks can be managed from the playlist within the app and can be played offline. Plus, the interface of the app can be easily toggled between Day/Night mode for the sake of convenient reading. The app also supports sharing which allows readers to share their favorite publications with their friends through multiple media.

You may login with your Economist account to subscribe to and download your favorite publications or you can simply continue reading free editor’s highlights. Head over to the Settings section of the app, and you are presented with the option to tweak a few vital settings. These include toggling automatic downloading content over 3G and/or Wi-Fi connection, and notifications alerting you of the availability of a new issue.

Download The Economist for Android

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