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Official Ask.com App Brings Its Q&A-Oriented Search Engine To Android

Ask.com – one of the most popular Question and Answer (Q&A) based web services/ search engines has just launched its official client for Android users, bringing along with it a bunch of handy features that had so far been enjoyed by iOS users only. Using Ask.com app, you can easily post questions based on any preferred topic and get answers from people (and experts) from all around the world. You can also browse and answer listed questions, get answers for personal questions, receive push notifications for questions/answers and post queries about local places near you. All this and more, right on your Android device absolutely free of cost!

Exploring the app, we find a neat and compact interface with a home screen containing four tabs – Answer, Ask, My Q&A and My Profile. Each tab, as its name suggests, is there to cater the online queries of users. The Answer tab provides you a chance to become a ‘guru’ and answer questions flowing in from users all over the world. You can also view answers pertaining to a specific question that are posted by other users. Questions can be filtered By Interest (you have the option of adding your areas of expertise) as well as By Connection (Follow people from their profile).

The Ask tab, on the other hand, lets you post questions of your own. You can type in a simple question or post a personal query to people you know, add additional details/keywords and get answers on your device. The Ask feature supports speech recognition for user convenience.

From the My Q&A tab, you can check out all the questions and answers that you’ve posted along with viewing received answers. My Profile tab lets you manage your profile, select your particular areas of interest and also displays detailed stats for all your Q&A activities on Ask.com.

On the customization front, you can enable/disable notifications upon receiving new questions and/or new answers. You may also like to specify how frequently you would answer the questions along with your availability (in terms of time and date) on Ask.com.

To cut it short, if you’re confounded by some unanswered questions or if you’ve got the ‘magic’ solution to worldwide issues, grab your copy of Ask.com client from the Android Market and start sharing your knowledge with the world. Ask.com is compatible with Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Download Ask.com For Android


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