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Official Channel 4 News App Now Available On The Android Market

Like almost every popular news service such as ABC News, The GuardianCNN, Al Jazeera and The Times, which have their official mobile client available for Android, the renowned Channel 4 News network has followed suit by releasing their own. The official Channel 4 News app was initially released in the iTunes App Store while an Android variant of the app has just recently hit the Android Market. Sporting catchy looks and an easy-to-use UI, the app keeps you apprised of the latest politics, business, science and technology news stories from UK as well as from all across the globe. In addition, the app features recent video clips of popular programs and news headlines, and keeps users busy with blogs by some of the best journalists around.

01-Channel-4-News-Android-Splash 02-Channel-4-News-Android-Home

You can view all the top news Headlines, latest blog posts and some of the most read stories of the day from the app’s homescreen. Alternatively, you can hit the Categories tab to pick a story from under a topic of your liking. Apart from presenting each news story in detail, the app backs all the content with pictures and/or videos, where videos are played in full-screen. Just swipe left or right across the screen to switch between news items. While on a story page, you can adjust the font size for better readability and share the news with your friends with utmost ease.

02-Channel-4-News-Android-Categories 03-Channel-4-News-Android-Story

The Blogs section carries all the latest blog posts from current affairs experts, lets you go through the user comments on each story and allows you to add your own.

Finally, the Catch Up tab lets you check out videos of all the content featured on the news service during the past week, whether it be videos of headlines from a selected day or any other news posted with video clips.

04-Channel-4-News-Android-Blogs 05-Channel-4-News-Android-Catch-Up

Although the app is quite rich in terms of aesthetics and features, it’s a pity that sports fans won’t be able to extract much content of their interest out of it. The built-in search option found in most similar apps is another feature that users might miss. However, this is just the initial release of the app, and it is only natural for there to be room for improvement. Hopefully, the future updates might cater for that.

You can get the official Channel 4 News client for Android for free via the Market link provided below.

Download Channel 4 News for Android


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