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Official CNNGo App For Android Lands In The Google Play Store

If you’re fond of touring and travelling, you’re going to fall in love with this app, and the the depth of the informative content that it presents via multimedia-rich articles. Initially available only to Nokia and iOS users, the official mobile app of CNN’s popular travel-based show, CNNGo, has finally arrived in the Google Play Store. Packed with plenty of worldwide tour guides, travel info, destination exploration, photo galleries, up-to-date tourism details, CNN iReports (reports submitted by users across the globe), and plenty of instant sharing options, the official Android client of CNNGo vows to be your one-stop shop for local and international travelling-related articles. Through a neatly designed and intuitive UI, the app provides you access to all the latest region-based and featured content for which CNNGo is revered by traveling enthusiasts, plus some exclusive content.


The best thing about the official mobile app of CNNGo is that all the featured content is readily available, and you do not need to be a subscribed member to access any part of the app. That said, if you wish to submit your own iReport travelogue, you must log in to the app using your CNN or iReport account. If you aren’t a subscribed user of either service, you can still submit your reports as a guest, but even for that, you must provide your contact details (name, email ID and phone number).

CNNGo-Android-Home CNNGo-Android-iReport

For your own iReports, the app lets you supplement the story with a fresh or imported photo, and/or video. Apart from submitting your own content, you can also explore the Featured content of the iReport section, or take a sneak peek into the various Assignments submitted therein.

The app’s homescreen displays the latest travel reports, iReports and explorations from all across the globe. Each featured story is aptly supplemented by comprehensive details, links and relevant photos to provide you a complete insight into that particular destination. To switch to a different article, just swipe left/right on the screen. Using the share button at the top-right, you can share the story to Facebook, Twitter or via email.

CNNGo-Android-Search CNNGo-Android-Story

To explore content from a specific region, tap Menu > Regions, and select your preferred destination. Any location that you select can also be set as the app’s default homescreen. Tapping Menu > Search lets you specify a region and the content type (articles or photo galleries) that you’re looking for on CNNGo. To explore all the exclusive CNNGo travel-based content, tap Menu > Specials.

CNNGo-Android-Regions CNNGo-Android-Specials

CNNGo is one of those rare apps that do not sport any configurations whatsoever. If anything, we would like to see the offline reading mode feature added to the mix that will help users read their favorite articles even while disconnected from the internet.

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