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Official CNNMoney App For Android Phones Lands In The Market

If you’re looking to get updated news on the latest happenings in the world of business, trade, technology, investment, economy or literally anything related to finance in order to devise timely strategic plans for your own business or want to keep a close tab on the top stock markets of the world, look no further than the official CNNMoney client for Android phones. The app has been available for iOS users for quite a while, and now has recently been released to the Android Market. Apart from keeping you apprised of the latest news from almost every business-related topic, each supplemented by multimedia (images and/or videos), the app provides you with up-to-the-minute data from the domains of stock market, bonds as well as the top currencies/commodities of the world.


In addition to being packed with loads of information, the official CNNMoney app for Android offers all its content via a neatly designed UI sporting a total of three tabs on the homescreen, namely News, Markets and Watchlist. The various categories within the News tab help browsing through Business, Economy, Technology, Personal Finance, Small Business, Term Sheet, Fortune and Money related news with utmost ease. While on a story page, you can swipe left/right on your screen to switch between news items.

Similarly, under the Markets tab, news items are categorized under Markets Closed, Gainers & Losers, World Markets, Currencies, Commodities and Bonds & Interest Rates.


CNNMoney supports a customizable Watchlist through which users can add and keep an eye on all the stocks of their interest. While new stocks can be added by tapping the Add a Stock button from the top-right of the homescreen, long pressing on a stock helps removing it from the list.

CNNMoney also search for your favorite quotes and displays comprehensive market information such as stock charts and trading analysis for each company that you are following closely.

Tapping Menu > Refresh lets you manually update the app’s content. There’s also an option to receive notifications for all the Breaking News while the app is running in the background.


All in all, while the app serves as a handy source of information for anyone who has an interest in business and trade, it could prove to be of ample significance particularly to those who have made substantial investments in the stock market and need to stay in touch with the latest market trends.

Download CNNMoney for Android

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