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Official ESRB App For WP7 – Search For & View Game Ratings & Info

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the body responsible for moderation of games all over the world and across all platforms. Buy any game’s CD and you are likely to find an ESRB rating tag on it’s cover telling if the game is suitable for your kids, or you, or anyone. It also specifies the game’s category to tell buyers who might be interested in the game. If you are a Windows Phone 7 user and a gamer, then ESRB has come up with the perfect app for your phone – ESRB Ratings, an attractive and useful app recently released to the Marketplace. Although the main purpose of the app is to let users know about a game’s age restrictions, you can also use it to discover the latest trends in the gaming market, as well as the information regarding all your favourite titles.

ESRB HomeESRB Filters

Nowadays, the most successful games are launched on multiple platforms, and the versions might vary quite a bit from each other. To tackle this, the app provides you with filtering options based on the platform you are looking for. Ranging from XBox to Nintendo, if it’s about gaming, it’s there. Apart from that if you are just curious about all the games in a certain platform’s certain rating category, you can also search games by rating.

ESRB Text Search ESRB Search Results ESRB Game Description

The feature I personally like the most is photo search. Don’t know the name of the game you are watching someone play? Just run the app, and hit the camera icon in the search box, and snap a picture of the game on the player’s screen. The app will track the game for you and you will have all the information about it.

ESRB Photo SearchESRB Sharing Options

Sharing of a game’s info is possible via several methods which include SMS, E-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Tap the share button at the bottom of the game info and select the sharing media of your choice. The app is almost perfect, but there is always some room for improvement. Although ESRB Ratings has a huge database if you are just looking to find the basic info regarding a title, the dedicated pages of games are not too detailed and there aren’t even screenshots available for most of the listed games. As screenshot search is possible, we are sure that the developers of the WP7 client can come up with some way of fixing this issue and making search results more detailed. The app is free, and can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download ESRB Ratings for Windows Phone

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