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Official Guardian News App Debuts On the Android Market

Who’s got the time (and money) to subscribe to the real newspaper when your favorite news service provider, The Guardian, has a free official smartphone client? After keeping iOS users updated with its news stories through a feature-rich news client, the official Guardian News client for Android has eventually been released on the Market and its free too.

Just like its iOS counterpart, The Guardian’s official client for Android packs all the updated news content for its readers. Ranging from politics to technology and from the sports fields to the world of entertainment, The Guardian has it all. Up to the minute news, coverage of latest happenings all across the globe, categorized news sections backed by high quality (and dozens of) full screen image galleries, support for video content, live podcasts, option to select your favorite columnists, quick content sharing options, support for favorites and a flurry of customizability features are some of the standout aspects of the news client.

Just tap on your favorite news story and explore all the details supported with multimedia. Navigate your way to the bottom of the news page to check other Related Subjects to that particular story. You can also check out Guardian Specials such as Comment is free and other exclusive content supported with image galleries and videos.

On the customization front, you have the option to edit the app’s homepage. App’s edit home screen lets you select the best eight (8) sections that you wish to see on the homescreen. You have the choice of adding sections from your favorites or you may pick from the long list of available sections (UK News, World News, Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Galleries and more). You can also specify app’s Update Frequency to get news updates after preferred time interval.

That’s not all. Here’s the best part: an Offline Reading mode. With just a simple tap, you can download the entire content of your homepage and your favorites for offline reading (including multimedia content). While on app’s homescreen, just tap Menu and select Download content. Don’t like downloading content manually? No worries, just enable app’s download scheduler and let the app do the rest. Once you specify your preferred download time, the app automatically fetches updated content from its online database and downloads it to your device. The app also provides you with a choice to include or exclude article images and gallery images with the downloads. This is a handy option if downloading is done via any alternative means other than Wi-Fi.

The app certainly has its fans on the iTunes App Store. Lets see how it fares on the Android Market.

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