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Official Marriott International App Released For Android & iPhone

Planning your stay at Marriott, or looking for an easier management of your reservations via your mobile? Why not plan your moves with Marriott International – the official Marriott client that has been recently released for Android and iOS users to make hotel and resort reservations fun, fast and convenient. Packed with plenty of useful and interactive features, Marriott International comes as a hotel/resort reservation tool as well as a handy travel guide. Using the app, you can search for Marriott hotels and resorts across the globe, and book rooms from your device with just a few taps. More after the break.

Marriott International lets you find Marriott hotels anywhere in the world by simply feeding in the city name or airport code on the Find and reserve a hotel page. Just enter required details such as city name/airport code, check-in/out date, number of rooms and number of guests and tap FIND.

You can locate worldwide Marriott hotels and resorts on a map via GPS, find the one that suits you the best, check out the amenities offered by each and make a reservation at your favorite spot with a simple tap. You can also filter search results for various Marriott hotels and resorts by distance, city, price or by brand. Marriott International lets you take a glance at the glorious images of selected hotels/resorts. While exterior view helps you easily recognize and locate a selected hotel, view of the interior unveils the hidden beauty and facilities of your preferred hotel. The app also displays some of the best facts and tips regarding a particular hotel along with a brief city guide. Plus, you can view all upcoming reservations or cancel a reservation easily by signing in with your Marriott credentials. Need help? You can benefit from the availability of a 24/7 helpline number to call a hotel or make reservations from your phone.

You can also get yourself enrolled in the Marriott Rewards program and access your Marriott Rewards account directly from the app. In addition, the app lets you book a business trip or make a reservation for your vacations from the app and earn reward points for each.

Visit the Android Market or iTunes App Store to download the official Marriott International client for your particular device. Download links to both the stores are provided below.

Download Marriott International for Android

Download Marriott International for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

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