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Official Merriam-Webster Dictionary App Released On Android Market

With advancement in web development, and the continuously rising popularity of web apps, most application developers have unveiled the web variants of their products, and the popular dictionary and thesaurus tool, Merriam-Webster is no different. The official Merriam-Webster Dictionary client, after enjoying a good run on the iTunes App Store, has finally landed on the Android Market. The interface of the Android variant, though equally efficient and easy to use, falls slightly behind that of the iOS version in looks (not a surprise). Everything else is roughly the same. With the help of the app, you can lookup the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for definitions, synonyms and antonyms for words both by typing them in or via voice search, view and delete recently searched words and learn a new word every day with the Daily Word feature. The app’s dictionary, as it seems, is downloaded at installation and automatically shifted to external storage. So you don’t need internet access to view definitions – only to listen to pronunciations, use voice search and for the Daily Word option.


Apart from the fact that the Android variant of Merriam-Webster dictionary is void of any configurations whatsoever, the option to avail its dictionary tool in offline mode is quite commendable too, since finding fully offline supported dictionary apps in the Android Market is a bit difficult. Let us now look at the app’s overall interface.

The search bar provides you with suggestions as you begin entering a word, making it very easy to find what you’re looking for. And if you’re unsure how to spell the required word, you can always use the Voice Search feature, which displays a list of possible words matching your voice input, provided your device has an active internet connection. The app makes a log of each viewed word/definition within the Recent tab, allowing you to view them again. You may also remove selective words from the log or the delete the entire history with a single tap. The Daily Word tab fetches a different word from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary each day and so also requires network access.


After trying out the app for a substantial duration, we have no hesitation in stating that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary mobile client puts one of the world’s best online dictionaries in the palm of your hand. And it’s free (ad-supported). The app takes quite some time to download required content from its online servers and then install so you’ll have to be patient.

Download Merrium-Webster Dictionary For Android

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