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Official NASA App For Android – Stay Apprised Of The Latest From Space

For years, NASA has helped us peep into the world beyond our very own planet Earth. It’s through their space discoveries and explorations that we have come to know of so many wonder worlds outside our own. There are numerous sources of digital media -TV programs, websites, magazines, mobile apps – that let you gain access to various projects and ventures of NASA. However, if you’re Android user looking to get your hands on almost every aspect of NASA from the comfort of your couch, we have a great news for you.  Explore the hidden and mystical facets of your universe with the official NASA App for Android phones. This amazing and feature-rich app from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) brings you the best of ‘all worlds’ through interactive multimedia content (images, videos, news feeds, live TV and special featured content). The app is purely web-oriented and, therefore, requires internet connectivity to run.

With NASA App, you can stay updated with all the ongoing and future missions of NASA. Also, you can easily find out all the latest information and news about their upcoming events ably supplemented by images and video galleries to provide you comprehensive and detailed briefing. The interface of the NASA App is quite alluring and attractive and contains all the underlying features listed out in gloriously flamboyant thumbnail format that constitute the home screen of the app.

The online database of this official NASA App is as diverse as the universe itself and contains loads of data for space maniacs. There are virtually thousands of astonishing images and videos  that can be downloaded directly onto your Android devices with utmost ease.

If you are intensely into the social networking fervor, then the live Tweets from NASA space stations can surely keep you occupied with the latest discoveries in the field. You may also explore various locations (on a map) and data centers of NASA that are working profoundly in collaboration with space shuttles.

Live streaming of NASA TV keeps you informed and updated with related hourly events. Plus, there is an educational channel in store for the assistance and guidance of budding learners.

Being a data-heavy application, NASA official mobile client demands some hefty space on your SD card where all the downloaded graphics, videos and other multimedia content would be installed. The app is absolutely free to download and requires Android 2.1 or higher to run.

Download Official NASA App for Android

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