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Official NBC TV App Hits The Android Market

The official Android client of the highly renowned US-based commercial broadcasting television network, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), has been released in the Android Market. Replicating the looks and functionality of its long-ago released iOS counterpart, the official NBC client for Android brings you videos, photo galleries, trivia games, schedule (with support for local listing), reviews, previews and lots more from the network. That’s not all; subscribed users can also access their personalized NBC feeds and TV programs via a customizable dashboard.

NBC-Android-Home NBC-Android-Shows

To access your personalized NBC content such as myShows and myFeeds etc., you must log in to the app with your NBC account. New users can subscribe to the service for free from within the app.

From the app’s homescreen, you can browse through your favorite NBC TV shows, high quality photo galleries, video highlights, miscellaneous clips and interactive games. The search bar at the top helps you manually look for programs across the entire NBC network.

NBC-Android-Photos NBC-Android-Videos

The Home tab displays all the featured, latest as well as upcoming shows on NBC. You can access your personal NBC feeds from the same screen. For each program that’s aired on NBC, the app displays various details such as an episode guide, cast, timings, snapshots, videos and much more.


The Video tab displays video highlights and clips from shows. There is an option to filter the video list according to your preferred shows or by clip duration. Likewise, there is an option to filter featured photos by individual shows/programs or by galleries. Swiping left or right across photos lets you both switch between them and view information relevant to each.

NBC-Android-Schedule NBC-Android-Search

The Schedule segment of the app is not just confined to displaying the TV shows airing on that particular day, but can also be used to get a detailed guide for the entire month’s programs. To test your knowledge of your favorite TV shows, the app even features fun trivia quizzes.

NBC-Android-Games NBC-Android-Home

Unfortunately, there is currently no support for playing full-length videos of your favorite shows. Said feature, however, is likely to be included within coming updates, as is mentioned on the app’s Market page itself. Also, as of now, the app seems a bit slow to respond at certain places. Update:  The app now allows playing full episodes from your favorite NBC shows. In addition, some video playback tweaks have also been made to let Android 4.x users run videos on their devices smoothly.

Download NBC for Android


  1. That looks like a great app. To bad it doesn’t support full
    shows. All of the other features sound pretty cool. As an alternative I would recommend
    the DISH Remote Access app. I have it on my Evo, it allows me to connect to my
    DISH DVR and Sling Adapter to stream all of my live TV channels as well as my
    DVR recordings. I never miss an episode. If I can’t watch it live I can always
    set the DVR to record it and I can watch it later. All I need is a 3g, 4g or
    WIFI connection and I am ready to connect. It works for all networks including
    NBC! I get the most use out of it while working late at DISH, it can get pretty
    slow here in the call center.

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