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Official: Start Submitting iOS 4 Apps To iTunes App Store

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If you are an iPhone Developer and want your apps to grab some space on iTunes Store for the all new iPhone 4, you better get ready for some coding! Apple has officially started sending in notifications to app developers regarding iTunes App Store now accepting iOS 4 apps for submissions. Read on for further details.

If you have a registered iOS developer account with Apple, check your email for instructions by Apple with a subject along the lines of “App Submission to iTunes Store”. As iOS 4 gets closer and closer to release for existing and upcoming devices, Apple is gearing up developer interest to make sure their apps are all ready and good to go by the time the OS and new devices sporting it are released, and there always gets to be ‘an app for that’.

Here is Apple’s statement for the developers:

Submit your iOS 4 apps for review so they can be ready for sale when iOS 4 is available to iPhone and iPod touch users. Make sure you have built and tested your applications using iOS 4 and iPhone SDK 4 GM seed, which you can download from the iPhone Dev Center.

Log in to iTunes Connect and upload your iOS 4 applications today.

iPhone 4 and iOS 4 (official, not GM) are set to go public on 21st June. It will also be interesting to see whether apps compatible with previous iPhone Firmwares remain compatible with the latest release, and how much difference does the all-hyped “Retina” display make.

And also this time, we will keep check on how much time Apple actually takes to “approve” newly submitted apps, as Jobs during WWDC maintained that “95 % of the apps are approved within 7 Days of submission. If you are a developer, we would love to hear from you about how long after submission did it take you to get your app approved, and see if Jobs’ statement is a mere marketing gimmick to gather developer interest, or if it actually holds true.

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