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Official Texas Instruments App Now Available For Android & iPhone

Texas Instruments (TI) – a reputed developer of electronic instruments have recently launched their official mobile client for Android users while iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users have been benefitting from its iOS variant for quite some time now. This is a great news for experienced and budding engineers and learners as they can now get all the sought-after information about various products of Texas instruments and their applications in various spheres of life.

As of now, Texas Instruments app for Android can be availed to learn about TI parts in detail and check out specific features and parametrics of each. Products tab on app’s home screen lists all products categorically for user convenience. Users can get comprehensive information about pricing, package, inventory and technical documentation of each product from the product page. Interested users may also download product datasheets in PDF format. The app lets you make your own little collection of favorite pages. Also, you can share documents and/or block diagrams with your colleagues via mail.

Advanced filter options let you filter each document in multiple ways. You may filter documents according to application notes, datasheets and user guide. Block diagrams can be zoomed in/out for easy viewing. While looking at a specific design/block diagram, you can easily filter all products that have been developed using the same design.

Although somewhat restricted in its current form, Texas Instruments app can still prove to be quite a useful learning tool for concerned users. Future releases of Texas Instruments promise to bring lots more features.

Download Texas Instrument for Android

Download Texas Instruments for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch



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