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Official TIME App Released For Windows Phone 7

Time is among the most popular and well-respected publications on the face of the globe, and with the advent of technology, the weekly magazine has moved into the cyber world with a pretty good website, and online versions of its issues across all major platforms. As can be expected, Windows Phone 7 didn’t have an official Time app till now, but that has finally changed, and now, you can browse through the service’s latest articles via TIME Mobile, the newly released official Time client for Mango phones. The app isn’t too cluttered, like most other news-related apps, but you can still control almost every aspect of its usage. There are separate sections for articles, videos and photos, and the best thing about TIME Mobile is the fact that you can save any item for offline viewing.

Time WP7 Latest Time WP7 Article

The main section of the app lists the Latest News from around the world. Each story displayed in this menu has a thumbnail associated with it, and you can view more than just the featured articles by hitting the more button at the end of the list. Once you open an article from this page, it comes with some pretty good sharing and navigation options. Each story is properly tagged, and source links are provided where necessary. From the bottom menu, users can add comments and navigate to the next or previous article in the list. If you want to make a page available for offline viewing, just hit the save button from the bottom menu.

Time WP7 Gallery Time WP7 Photo

The Gallery section in TIME Mobile showcases all the popular images featured in the publication. Some of these galleries can provide you with a few pretty awesome wallpapers for your phone, as downloading the photos requires nothing more than hitting the save photo button in the bottom bar. Like the articles in the app, photos can be shared with other users as well, using email and/or social networks set up on your device.

Time WP7 Popular Time WP7 Videos Time WP7 Sections

Much like the Gallery, the TIME Mobile app also has a Videos section, where users can browse the latest addition to the TIME video collection. The page marked Most Popular displays the stories that have attracted most views, and acts as a TOP 10 for popular news items. If you are interested in reading the articles related to one genre or category only, go to the sections tab and hit the desired button. On this page, there is also the Settings menu that allows users to enable push notifications and live tile.

TIME Mobile is a free app, and you can download it from the following link.

Download TIME Mobile

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