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Official WebMD Client For Android – Your Very Own Portable Doctor

For more than 6 years, medical news and information web service, WebMD, has faithfully served users with a comprehensive online medical database meant to aid users in identifying and tackling diseases and injuries. With technology moving at a fast pace, they took it to the next level by developing a detailed client specifically for Android. With a lustrous yet convenient UI, it is rapidly gaining popularity as the most elaborate medical app for Android. If you think that the app is meant to help people belonging to just the medical fraternity, think again! The immensely easy to interpret language, coupled with a highly intuitive UI and graphical demonstration of some of the most sought-after topics, make WebMD a must-have tool for anyone seeking aid from a wide array of medical topics.

First is the Symptom Checker feature which requires an access to your personal information regarding age, postal address along with the respective gender followed by a very interactive model of the human body. You can either click on any organ to reveal all the possible symptoms or directly open the symptoms list arranged according to the parts of the body. The symptoms are then compiled to your conditions catalogue, allowing the app to better assess your condition regarding the symptoms displayed. It answers your queries with the possible causes of the disease together with an array of related articles and a simplified overview about the disease including cause-effect estimations, the methods of diagnoses and the possible treatments available.


The Drugs & Treatments screen efficiently describes an array of drugs arranged in an alphabetic order. You can also crosscheck your desired medication by IDing the drugs according to their shape, color and imprints.


This Android doctor has it all, with an integrated First Aid Information feature and the ability to search locations of your choice for physicians, pharmacies or hospitals.


Like a doctor in your pocket, its impeccable preciseness and broad spectrum functionality is more than impressive. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone as it is just not an app designated for diagnosing but an archive, full of helpful information covering every possible matter of health in complete detail. While accessing the information requires no internet connection, this application can turn out to be  a life save making it a necessity for you and your family.

You can download this app for free from the Android Market via the provided link provided below.

Download WebMD For Andorid

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