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Official Yammer App For WP7: Stay In Touch With Your Business Network

Yammer is a pretty popular social network for the business community. Many businesses urge their employees to use Yammer for communication between offices and other departments. Almost all other major smartphone platforms have got their own Yammer app, but looks like the people over at the business networking site were waiting for Windows Phone 7 to hit Mango before they released an app for it. The app matches the platform’s metro look pretty well, but it is not just all about looks, the app comes with complete functionality too. We can’t say that you will never have to visit the service’s website again if you start using this app, but functionality offered by Yammer for WP7 is pretty comprehensive, with almost every major feature making an appearance.

Yammer for WP7 ProfileYammer Homepage

If you aren’t on Yammer, you can sign up for a new account right from within the app. Both old and new users get the option to tinker with the profile page of their account. You can view and edit your Yammer profile page from the dedicated section of account settings. As is the case on the site, you can post updates to your contacts along with attachments and a full set of emoticons.  There’s also the option to reply to whole updates or a single comment.

Yammer My FeedsYammer Groups

The Groups in the app are shown in the latest Mango-like metro look with the alphabetical search option. Same goes for the members section, and you might feel like you are just browsing through the People hub in WP7. The My feeds section shows updates from all your contacts and you can download any of the attachments that might appear in your feed. It is also possible to just view the attachment without actually saving it on your phone. To post an update of your own, just tap the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen next to the refresh button.

Yammer MessagesYammer Members Page

The app also allows access to Yammer’s deeply integrated private messaging so that you can connect with anyone without shouting it out to your whole network. Just like messages in Facebook, private messaging can be carried out between multiple contacts, and you can add more people to the recipient list by hitting the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar. Yammer also offers the option to browse through contacts and different company pages.

Yammer is a free app and you can get it in the Windows Phone Store at the link given below.

Download Yammer For Windows Phone


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