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Onavo Lite – Monitor & Control 3G / Mobile Data Usage On Your Android

Bothered by your habit of consistently going overboard with your monthly data plans? To ease your mobile data and 3G data usage concerns, Onavo is here! Onavo is a free data plan controlling and notifying app for iOS and Android that certainly comes second to none of its competitors. With an easy-to-set-up interface, customizable data plans (mobile data and roaming data) and a wide array of notification options, Onavo monitors and displays your data usage, predicts the usage estimates based on your previous data usage, displays data usage by various apps, restricts specific apps to just Wi-Fi and blocks your data usage completely once you’ve exceeded your data cap.

The app can be set up in just a few seconds and once you specify your monthly / daily / weekly data cap and data usage info, you just need to relax as Onavo takes control of all your data plans from thereon. The app displays data consumed by each app so that you can easily trace apps that have been leeching your mobile data. Tapping on the Data Plan Advice button on app’s homescreen launches a statistical analysis of your data usage so you can check out how’ve you been faring so far with your data plan in the ongoing month. There is also an option to filter out usage details on weekly or daily basis. As of now, Onavo supports more than 240 operators worldwide.

Onavo Lite offers comprehensive configuration for both data plan and roaming plan. Under your data plan setup, you can specify your data cap, the reset point (for a specific date every month) and the price that you wish to allocate to your data plan.

For your roaming plans, the app offers an even more extensive set of options. Onavo has been designed in a way that it automatically detects when you’re out roaming. You can select from and specify various predefined roaming plans such as Present Data Cap, Pay Per Use, Prepaid Plan and Unlimited Plan. Unlimited Plan is perhaps the best of the entire lot as it comes with the option to automatically pause data counters while you’re roaming. Once you’re back home, your routine data counter is resumed by default.

To stay notified of your data usage, you can define Data usage warning threshold and Data usage block threshold. And, of course, you may opt to block mobile data when the data cap is exceeded. There are also separate notification settings for installed apps as well as for apps that are ‘misusing’ your precious data.

Download Onavo Lite for Android

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