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One-Tap Task Management For iPhone & iPad – SwitcherPlus [Cydia Tweak]

Yesterday we discussed a method to kill all tasks running in the background of an iOS device. As mentioned in that post, there are quite a number of alternatives to that tweak, and SwitcherPlus is one of them. You still need a jailbroken iOS device to apply this tweak, as it is available in the Cydia store’s Big Boss repo.

This tweak is not an extension and thus not visible in the settings menu of your iPhone or iPad. Once you have installed it from the Cydia store, you don’t need to do anything. SwitcherPlus will be on your SpringBoard as an app. You can tap it to view settings related to it.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the iPad 2 we used for testing purposes has KillBackground on it too. This allowed us to compare the two tweaks’ working and efficiency. SwitcherPlus seems to be a far better option for somewhat advanced users. It gives you a ton of customizing options to make the experience exactly the way you want. The best feature of SwitcherPlus is that multitasking management is enabled even when the screen is locked. Simply double tap the Home button and the task bar will appear. After entering jiggle mode, you can kill the apps one by one, or you can simply press the arrow button on a task, killing all tasks to the right of that task.

SwitcherPlus also lets you add exclusions to your task killing list. This means that when you kill a huge number of tasks the excluded task will keep on running. All this makes this free tweak worth having on your iDevice.

[via LifeHacker]

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  1. hello! I downloaded Swticher Plus on a Ipod touch 2G 4.2.1, how do I add favorites to the Configure favs menu? Thank you!

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