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OneLouder Apps Brings Reddit App BaconReader To Android Market

Whenever OneLouder Apps, the dev team behind FriendCaster, TweetCaster and ChannelCaster released a new app to the Android Market, you know that you’re going to get something exceptional. Now, if you happen to be an avid Reddit user, you’d be excited to know that the company has acquired BaconReader – a comprehensive Reddit app for Android – and released the final build to the Android Market. In case you don’t know, BaconReader is not new to Android. We reviewed it a few months back while it was in its closed alpha stage.  Numerous buggy alpha and beta iterations of the app have been released on a frequent basis but now, it seems that users can finally enjoy a stable, fully-functional version of the app.

01-BaconReader-Android-Login 02-BaconReader-Android-Home

The interface of the app hasn’t changed much since its first alpha. In fact, even if you’re not a compulsive Redditor, chances are that the app’s layout will make it adequately easy for you to access and understand the required features. The app’s functionality too, remains roughly the same. The good thing, however, is that all the bugs found in earlier versions seem to have been removed, and all non-functional features, fixed.

Other changes from the alpha build include the option to explore the app’s content without being logged in to Reddit, improvements in performance and indication for NSFW posts.

05-BaconReader-Android-Subreddits 07-BaconReader-Android-Controls

BaconReader works like any other Reddit client, but is a tad more user-friendly than some, and better-looking than almost all alternatives.

The app lets you view the Reddit frontpage along with major subreddits, post under a subreddit of your choice with attached links or photos, share, preview, reply, upvote/downvote and save posts on the fly, preview attached photos, customize which subreddits appear within the drop down menu on the app’s homescreen, add custom subreddits and search for existing ones manually, send personal messages to other users and view your own, manage your Reddit profile and customize notification settings.

Among the few things that hold the app apart from its alternatives are its color-coded comment threads, which make going through the feedback under each post extremely easy on the eyes, and its sleek homescreen widget.

04-BaconReader-Android-Comments 03-BaconReader-Android-Post

BaconReader is probably the most polished Reddit client on the Android Market as of now. The app has two variants; a free, ad-supported version and a $1.99 ad-free paid version. You can upgrade to the paid version from within the app. To do so, navigate to Menu > Settings > Remove advertisements and tap Upgrade me.

06-BaconReader-Android-Notifications 08-BaconReader-Android-Widget

Download BaconReader for Android

Update: Baconreader now has a Holo (ICS-themed) variant. As of this writing, it is in beta and not available in the Google Play Store. Here are some screenshots of its UI followed by a download link.

Update 2: The Holo-themed variant of updated Baconreader (v2.1) is now available in the Play Store, and can be downloaded via the link provided above. Also included within the update is a shiny new ‘Welcome Guide’ for newbies, dark theme for widget, access to Subreddit sidebar, spoiler alert support and lots more.

Baconreader-for-Reddit-ICS-themed Baconreader-Holo-Dark Baconreader-ICS-Themed-Post


    • Yeah, it just went unnoticed. Thanks for pointing out the error. It has been rectified now.

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you guys actually announced this. I’ve been using baconreader since early beta and it’s nice to see it get this kind of attention.

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