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Flashify: Quickly Switch From Chrome To Another Browser To View Flash Content [Android]

Chrome for Android debuted in February this year, and has since been lauded by many as the best Android web browser in the Google Play Store courtesy of its highly innovative and extensive set of features. True, it is still only available to the tiny portion of Android users rocking Ice Cream Sandwich or higher on their devices, but as Google’s latest OS expands its reach to more and more devices, and developers strive harder to create ICS-based custom ROMs, the browser might grow to become the default web browser for a vast majority of users. Though, when that happens, one gripe that we are most certain to hear is the browser’s lack of support for Flash. This brings us to the question at hand: how to enjoy Flash content on your Android phone while using Chrome as your default web browser? Nightshade Labs seem to have come up with a rather effective solution in the form of Flashify.

No, Flashify does not ‘magically’ enable Flash content on Google Chrome; it simply adds another option in the sharing menu of the browser (or any other supported browser, for that matter), so that you can easily navigate to your secondary browser in order to view Flash content on a webpage. In simpler terms, whenever you stumble upon Flash content while browsing on Chrome, just hit Menu > Share > Flashify, pick a browser of choice from the context menu, and the app will open the current webpage in the selected browser. Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your device.


Why Flashify when you can achieve the same purpose simply by copying the URL of the webpage and pasting it in another browser? Because most of us don’t fancy doing it the hard way, even if it is simple. Flashify’s purpose is to provide convenience in browsing. It may sound unnecessary to some, but it can prove to quite a time-saver for fans of both Chrome for Android and streaming Flash videos/playing Flash games on mobile devices.


So, if you’ve already selected Google Chrome as your default Android browser, and often find the need to open webpages containing Flash content, Flashify is undoubtedly the easier way to go about the task.

Download Flashify for Android

Download Adobe Flash Player 11 for Android

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