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Opera Mini Available For Fully Unlocked WP7 Custom ROMs

There are several mobile browsers available for a range of smartphone devices but among all of them, Opera Mini’s smooth and light browsing experience makes it perhaps the most popular choice among mobile device users. Currently, Windows Phone 7 is the only major platform that doesn’t have the browser in its app store. Fortunately, XDA-Developers member ultrashot seems to have successfully ported the Windows Mobile variant of Opera Mini 5.1 to the metro platform. However, it isn’t for everyone unfortunately, since to run the port, your device must have fully unlocked custom firmware (such as DFT Freedom) flashed to it. Let’s find out more about Opera Mini for Windows Phone 7 after the jump.


Opera has always been on the forefront of the mobile browser scene. From Symbian to Windows Mobile to Android, their popular Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers have been a favorite of most users of these platforms. Opera Mobile is the heavy, full-featured of the two, offering an experience as close to a full desktop browser as it gets on a mobile device. Opera Mini on the other hand, is the lightweight version that offers a near-desktop, feature-rich browsing experience in a tiny package that’s very easy on system resources.

The only thing missing from the current build is support for landscape view. The developer promises to resolve this in a future release. If your device happens to fulfill the unfortunately strict criterion mentioned above, head on over to its XDA forum thread via the source link provided below to download the XAP file, or to view additional information regarding the port and its unique method of uninstallation.

These days, app ecosystems can make or break a mobile platform. Ideally, Opera browsers should have been among the core focus apps for Microsoft to bring to their latest mobile OS the earliest by collaborating with Opera, though we’re guessing they haven’t done so in order to get people to use their own Internet Explorer browser that comes bundled with the OS. Still, this development paves the way for future support, as Microsoft would perhaps realize that users really want choice.

Update: Opera fans, rejoice! After Opera Mini, Opera Mobile 10 has also been ported to Windows Phone 7. The port has been released by ultraShot, the same developer who was responsible for the previous Opera Mini. For that reason, the limitations for Opera Mobile are the same as Opera Mini. You need to have a device running a custom ROM, and the browser does not support landscape view. You can learn more about the port by going to the XDA forum thread for the port.

[via XDA-Developers]

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