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optionsXpress: Stay Apprised Of Stock Market Trends On Your WP7

optionsXpress is a service that has a lot of users who are interested in doing well in the stock market. For all its subscribers, the good news is that you can stay in touch with all the assistance offered by optionsXpress on the go with the newly released Windows Phone 7 client of the service. The app will let you know of the latest trends in the market of your choice, as well as helping you decide which would be the best investment option for you. Read on to know all about this very thorough app.

OptionsXpress WP7 OptionsXpress Indices OptionsXpress Quotes

Only existing members of the service are eligible to use the app, as there is no sign up option within. Signing up isn’t really straightforward from the web version as well, as you need to verify your identity before being admitted as a member of optionsXpress. However, once you have, the benefits are pretty good. The app’s homepage is pretty detailed, and lists all the menus on offer by optionsXpress. The most used feature is Dragon, which tells users which is the current hottest stock out there.

OptionsXpress dragon OptionsXpress stats OptionsXpress Global

In addition to stock advice, the app is also a good place to keep track of all your current investments in the market. You can follow all the markets and particular companies in which you have an interest. Not only can optionsXpress be used to follow local markets, but to be an ultimate financial geek, you can even get a general picture of what is going on in the global market.

The app is free and available at the link below.

Download optionsXpress

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