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Opuss For iOS: Share Your Verse & Prose With The World

Although writing should be for self-satisfaction, at times, writers and poets have just one ambition behind composing their work, and that is to gain recognition for their efforts. If no one reads what you have written, you are likely to feel that your efforts have gone down the drain. There are many platforms that can be used to push your poems and articles to the masses, but very few that are solely dedicated to that purpose. Opuss for iPhone is an app which lets iOS users share their literary creations with everyone on the app’s social network. People can share items like poems, jokes, essays, stories, or just about anything using this useful, free app.

Opuss Opuss Feed

Being a social network of sorts, you will have to sign up for a new account if you want to use Opuss. All it takes is your email ID, and you are good to go. In your Profile, if you want, you can put your photo along with a short Bio, which is meant to be comprised of a few words about yourself. From this section, you can view the articles you have posted yourself, or the progress on the ones you liked or commented upon. In the Feed menu of Opuss, all the posts by people you have chosen to follow will show up. By far, the most interesting section in the app is the Top menu, which showcases the most liked posts from users all over the world. You can view these top posts based on their lifetime at Opuss. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly best posts are displayed here.

Opuss Compose Opuss Categories

Opuss has a comments & likes system, which is pretty similar to most social networking services, like Facebook. You can also share any post you want via the app. Opuss supports a pretty comprehensive search menu, named Find. You can apply any of the app’s provided filters to optimize your search. Through the Find section, you can choose the genre of the read you are looking for, and the same goes for composing a note of your own. Although it allows you to leave the snippet uncategorized, it is better if you put it in a specific category, making it easier for other users to find.

For now, there aren’t a lot of posts at Opuss, but that situation can soon change, seeing that the app has potential to become popular. It provides a free platform for people to share their creativity, and get the appreciation they deserve.

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