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Organize And Manage Tasks / Todo Lists In Your Android Phone

It’s hard to keep track of tasks and to-dos on a simple notepad which is not in front of you at all times. Previously, we covered Tasker for Android, which is a detailed task management app with the ability to deliver tasks with pre-defined profiles. On the other hand, Astrid is a free todo lists and task manager for Android that will help improve your efficiency towards work in less time by evaluating the information provided, and then prioritizing it appropriately. You may have laid your hands on various to-do list and task management apps, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one as easier as Astrid.

Astrid becomes a virtual secretary that will assist your task organization, telling you what is required to do and the time left to do the task. Filters can be created by setting criteria such as due date, task importance and tags. When opened, the app will greet you with all active tasks with the importance determined by the tags on the left side differentiated by colors (red, yellow, blue and black). Tasks can be entered by tapping at the bottom of the screen. Added tasks can be edited and/or a timer can be started which will associate itself with the task deadline. The timer option helps you keep tack of time spend on each task.


When adding a new task or editing a previous task, importance can be prioritized in four different levels. Deadlines can be specified by date and time, and tags can be defined for the task. You can set any defined task, reminders, ringtone and task visibility from Advanced tab.


From the Add-ons tab, alarms, time to be spent and time already spent on a certain task can be defined. Settings for Astrid can be found by hitting the menu button. Appearance of tasks including font size of the task listing page and notes visibility can be adjusted as well. Tasks defaults can be changed in accordance to importance, urgency, reminders and random reminders.


Finally a great task management tool that supports notifications, tasks widget, and synchronization to Gmail via Remember the Milk (possible by creating an account on RTM and installing the plugin in Gmail). Astrid with its intuitive and easy to use graphic interface makes task management a breeze.

Astrid is a free Android app that can be downloaded from the market via the link provided below.

Download Astrid Tasks/To-do & Groceries For Android

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