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Organize & Read Text Files On Android With Bubue Books

Bubue BooksTired of viewing text files on your Android device in a boring interface? So were we, till we came across Bubue Books for Android. If you’re wondering what’s with the name, you wouldn’t be the first one. That aside, Bubue Books is a simple yet elegant text reader with an attitude! Read on for more on what it’s all about.

Bubue Books might be a simple text reader but upon trying it out, the first thing that came to our mind was iBooks for iOS, thanks to the awesome page turning animations. It is a pity though that the app will only display .txt files and nothing more than that, as it would have done brilliantly for other formats such as RTF and ePub etc. We tried opening a document in .rtf format with it and while most text displayed fine, the formatting (bold etc.) appeared as code.

bubue bubue-add

When you launch it, the app has a rather empty feel to it but you can quickly change all that by hitting the + symbol and adding your favorite text files. Select Add Local to add files by browsing through your phone, as seen in the screenshots below.


Select the files you want (you can select multiple files as well) and hit Done to be taken back to the library, where you can find your file neatly placed for easy future access. In case you want to remove a file, tap and hold on the file’s icon and you’ll be prompted to delete or open it.


You can see how the animations work when you flip the page and might actually find it to be cool. Well, we did too till we ended up testing in on a Samsung Galaxy S and found that while swiping through pages quickly was pretty swift, doing that slowly to observe the animation effect in detail left proved to be very choppy. So while the animation does exist, it definitely needs more work.

Moving on to the better parts of the app, you can bring up a handy menu with some options by tapping once on the screen. From these features, we found the ability to increase or decrease the font size particularly useful.


In the screenshots above we have the minimized font on the left with maximized font on the right as you can already tell. While it might not seem like much of a difference to many, it will be useful to most with a weaker eyesight.


Selecting the Jump option will bring up a scrollbar as seen above that you can drag to move to a desired page. For a book-like feel and convenience, useful information like the document title, the current page number and the total number of pages is displayed at the bottom of each page.


While Bubue Books might not be the best way to spend your time reading stuff, it definitely is one of the better text readers out there for Android. So give this free app a shot by downloading it from the Android Market using the link below, or install it via the QR code.

Download Bubue Books

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