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OSnap: Easily Create Time Lapse Videos On Your iPhone

Time-lapse photography might not be used in our daily lives, but the results it can produce really justify the effort and time spent on creating such a masterpiece. Who doesn’t like seeing a flower grow right in front of their eyes, or the sun visibly moving across the sky? I, personally, have always marvelled at the time it must take for the photographer to create a time-lapse video, but now there’s an app for that! OSnap is an iOS app, using which, you can make your very own time-lapse video without having to do a lot of work. The app even lets you add background music to the video you create. More on OSnap after the jump.

OSnap iPhone OSnap Home

Each time-lapse video you create using the app is deemed a separate Project, and a new project can be made by tapping the ‘+’ icon in the bottom left corner of the welcome screen of OSnap. Name the project, and you are good to go. You can’t import photos to OSnap which are already in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and the only way to load images to the app is via the Shoot menu, which launches the app’s dedicated camera. You can add as many frames to your video as you want, and this will just require you to keep hitting Shoot and taking the pictures.

OSnap Camera OSnap Settings

The camera in the app is pretty thorough, and has options for turning on assistive frames, zooming and grid overlay. You can also choose the speak to shoot mode, and a photo will be snapped each time you say anything loudly. When you are done shooting all the photos required for a project, hit the play button, but before you do that, it is better to personalize the video via the Settings menu. OSnap lets you choose any background track from the music found in your iDevice’s music library. From the same menu, you get to choose the video’s frame rate and loop playback. OSnap also has a battery saver mode, which darkens the screen, when activated. Your saved videos can be exported to the device library, or to any of your social networks. As the app is designed to be used for time-lapse photography, it incorporates auto reminders, which ensure that you don’t forget to shoot the next frame after a predefined interval.

If you would like to be a time-lapse photographer, or just enjoy doing things that are a tad different, OSnap is just the app you need. The app comes in lite and paid ($2.99) versions, but if you hurry up, you can get the full version for free for a limited time.

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