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Overclock HTC EVO 3D To 2.0 GHz With RCMIX Kernel

As soon as Revolutionary revolutionized the way Android users unlocked their device’s bootloaders, massive development is underway to make these devices more awesome. Of course this isn’t a flattering claim because HTC Sensation, EVO 3D, Flyer, View and every device which dances to Revolutionary tunes is attracting developers. Although after gaining S – OFF on EVO 3D, there arte chefs cooking up ROMS, but with RCMIX Kernel, the process will get even better. RCMIX is a custom HTC EVO 3D kernel that is basically designed to unleash the real potential of this this device. After flashing this kernel on your EVO 3D, you will be able to get a blazing 2.0 GHz speed on your phone with other awesome tweaks onboard.


After the initial release of RCMIX Overclocking custom Kernel for EVO 3D, there were a number of testers who reported back with bugs, issues and improvement suggestions. The creator of this kernel, klquicksall at XDA forums, is in the process of optimizing the kernel with every release. So far, 1.8 GHz has been reported as stable on this device and going to 2.0 GHz keeps the system running, but isn’t much stable for everyday use.

The RCMIX EVO 3D Kernel comes with following features:

  • NLS
  • TUN
  • CIFS
  • Wi-Fi Fix
  • WiMax Support
  • V [R] I/O
  • And a unique Wi-fi Tweak to connect with the router at weaker signals.

In order to install this kernel on your EVO 3D, you must have S –OFF on your phone with permanent root and a custom recovery. You can download latest RCMIX Kernel For EVO 3D from here and then head to the official XDA thread for support, installation procedure, feedback and change log.


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