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OverClock HTC EVO 4G To 1.267 GHz

Got yourself an HTC EVO 4G and proud of your beast of a smartphone? Rooted it already and loving the ability to do all the cool stuff on it that non-rooted users can’t? Looking for a way to take it beyond all this? How about overclocking its already fast 1Ghz processor to a higher speed? You’re at the right place! We have just found the way to root the HTC EVO 4G to 1.26 GHz and in what follows, we will guide you through the process of overclocking yours. So what are you waiting for? Read on for more details and our complete instructions.


This overclocking method is brought to us by XDA-Developers member coolbho and according to him, all you have to do is to  apply some simple patches and you’ll have your HTC EVO 4G overclocked to give you an awesome 1.26 GHz of processing capability. This overclocking process for EVO 4G is still a beta and is meant for developers and hackers who want to improve or build further upon it.

As per the information provided by the developer, you can even achieve over volting of your EVO by simply tweaking voltages in acpu_freq_tbl table in the acpuclock-scorpoion.c. Playing with phone voltage can actually save your battery life and prevent it from quick draining once it gets overclocked. According to the creator, this hack will break your EVO’s WI-FI, so in our opinion it will be better to hold off for now untilwe get a more stable release.

If you understand the risks and limitations, and are ready to flash this overclocked kernel to your device, here are the instructions.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that you have ample rooting, hacking and flashing experience before you try this hack. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you end-up damaging your device.

Download this kernel image file (zImage) for the overclocked kernel that will do the magic of overclocking your EVO 4G, rename it to zImage and flash it to your phone from fastboot as kernel. Again, you should ONLY be doing this if you KNOW what you are doing. The reason we are not offering newbie-friendly instructions for this method here is that flashing the kernel improperly can result in getting into a bootloop on your device, and finding a suitable and appropriate kernel to fix it can become a hassle for newbies.

You can learn more about the overclocking process, request features, report bugs and keep an eye on the latest updates at its forum thread at XDA-Developers forums.

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  • In other news, I can overclock my Nokia N900 (very nice Maemo/Debian Linux-based phone) to 1.15Ghz, nearly twice it’s normal speed, without any problems. I think this is much more impressive than the relatively minor Evo overclock! also I can root it legally without violating any license agreements. All you Android and iPhone hackers should get a real phone 😉

    • Tom

      HaHa I forgot that Nokia still makes phones…….lol what a POS. You really should look into getting a real smartphone.

  • EVO

    whats a Nokia? sounds prehistoric to me. Lol

  • BK Rando Bear

    no seriously whats a nokia

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