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Overclock HTC Sensation 4G To 1.89Ghz With Custom Kernel [How To]

HTC-Sensation-OverclockA dual-core phone running at 1890Mhz sounds a bit crazy no? Not really, we’re talking Android here! And the beautiful hardware that is the HTC Sensation 4G. RootzWiki forum member TheDerekJay has recently released a custom kernel for the device, named demonspeed. While there are a few other features at hand, the most notable feature is the kernel’s overclocking ability taking the two CPU cores to a massive 1.89Ghz! While most may find the overclock useless, we are increasingly finding mobile phones fighting it out with some benchmarks just like Desktop computers. Why? Just to show that it can be done.

Credit also goes to Cayniarb for his fantastic coding work, Faux123, Erasmux, Scaryghoul, Nick Piggin, LeeDroid, Umaro, mdeejay, imoseyon, LorDClockaN for the reference or code and Raycaster3 for testing it out.

Of course, this does not mean the kernel is not meant for those not into pushing their phone to it’s limit, you could always OC it up a just a tad bit more than the original frequency, or well, at least you know you have the option to show off.

The kernel has the following features to offer in addition to the Overclocking ability.

  • Patched to
  • OnDemand Governor default Gov set @ 222/1188MHz. (conservative, performance, ondemand, interactive, powersave, userspace governors also available.)
  • Under Volt.
  • NOOP I/O scheduler default.
  • SLQB Memory Management.
  • Built in WiFi Calling support.
  • Compatible with all Gingerbread Sense ROMs.

The kernel is based on the HTC Pyramid source code found here. Now if you wish to give this kernel a go, here’s how you can install it on your Sensation 4G.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process



  1. To begin, download the ROM and copy it to the root of your SD card.
  2. Now reboot into recovery and make a Nandroid backup.
  3. That done, select wipe cache and wipe dalvick cache.
  4. Now navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard and select the ROM copied to your SD card.
  5. Selecting the kernel will initiate the installation, and once its flashed, simply reboot your device.

That’s it, the kernel should now be functioning. For overclocking, use SetCPU and choose autodetect speeds recommended. For updates and queries related to this kernel, head over to the forum thread at RootzWiki.


    • did you ever get to fix that boot screen Milo .. my sensation did the same thing … i dont know what to do .. please help !!

    • I simply took out my battery. And went back to clockwork recovery and reinstalled a previous backed up ROM. I.never trust any other sites other then xda developers. It was my mistake to belive this bs.

  1. Hey there,
    I recently installed Android Revolution HD on my HTC sensation. I thought it would overclock by itself but it isn’t. Now my Question is, if I install this now, All my previous data will e gone and stuff and I’ll have this custom ROM. The Android HD is a bit faster than the normal one.

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