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OVERVI3W – Remotely Secure & Trace Your Android, Get Call/SMS Logs

New to the market, Overvi3ew is a free mobile security and tracking app for your Android that, with the help of the web interface of Unfairware (app developer), lets you remotely protect, manage and trace your device along with providing you with an array of extremely useful mobile management features. You can remotely check your call logs, texts, contacts, bookmarks, web history, manage block list and check detailed device info. In terms of usability, Overvi3w falls very much in the same genre as TekTrakAndroidLost and other such solutions. However, its ability to keep running silently on your device along with remotely sending commands from the web interface and exporting phone logs to downloadable files makes Overvi3w a standout candidate.

Once the app is installed and you login with your account, it remains active on your device while web interface of Unfairware can be used  to control all the commands and other aforementioned actions. You need to have a valid Overvi3w account to use the app. If you don’t have one already, you can easily sign up for a new ID from within the app. However, Overvi3w Plus Subscription lasts for just a week only. As of now, Overvi3w Plus supports controlling 10 different devices at a time without charging you a single dime.

With Overvi3w, you can remotely locate your lost device and track down its movement on the map via GPS. You can also set start/end date and time parameters to trace its precise location at a specific instant. According to your requirement, you can lock/unlock your device, wipe data on your phone, specify phone number(s) on which you would like your texts to be redirected, send a popup message, auto callback on your device, turn on ringer, change the password of your device and sound an alarm on your device to find it easily. All supported phone logs (call, text, contacts etc.) are automatically updated on the website. Also, all logs can be easily exported to PDF and/or Excel files.

The security/tracking mechanism of Overvi3w was tested successfully with the combination of Unfairware website (running on Google Chrome) and the app (running on HTC Desire Z). The usage of the web interface of Overvi3w is very simple, with most options/features readily available at a single click. Provided it’s free, feature-packed and requires no additional configurations, Overvi3w is surely worth a try.

Download Overvi3w Security Tracking App for Android

Update: The app is no longer available on the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for anti-theft and remote tracking solutions for Android, you might want to check out the apps mentioned in the first few lines of this post.


  1. I’d be careful with this application. On the HTC EVO, it won’t uninstall, and my antivirus is showing that it’s a virus, but it can’t remove it. This app gets way too far into the system and does not uninstall correctly. Consider yourself warned.

    • It works great and uses almost no battery! If you can’t uninstall it, it’s because you A) haven’t looked at the directions and B) never used any remote security apps.
      Like all android apps that utilize remote wiping and locking you first have to remove it as a device administrator under settings, location and security and then “device administrators” I thinks it’s listed as PC. Then you can uninstall like any other program.
      I hate when people don’t read directions and then bash a program for it. It’s better than all the others because there’s no icon after you reboot so thieves won’t see it and I’d rather people have a hard time figuring out how to remove my security program.
      Anyway, works great for me.

  2. still prefer AndroidLost over anything these days. Free & works amazingly well. + takes up no CPU cycles on your phone(like constantly running wise i mean)

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