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Panorama Pro For Android: Capture Panoramic Images With Snazzy Effects

Photography apps are abound in the Android Market, and quite a few of them let you capture panoramic images from your device’s camera. Developed by Wondershare Software, Panorama Pro is yet another very fine addition to the apps from said genre. Using Panorama Pro, you can capture high quality 180 degree panoramic images with a custom (and stylish retro) effect of your choice. Grab as many images as you like, and once done, share them on a social network of your liking, including Facebook and Twitter. The app also supports a One click sharing feature, using which you can instantly share captured photos to a social network of choice. There is also a native gallery from where you can preview, share and/or delete all the captured photos. The app’s interface is self-explanatory, and guides you through the capturing process so that you can easily capture memorable shots from your Android’s camera, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a mere rookie.

Panorama-Pro-Android-Home Panorama-Pro-Android-Share

Upon launch, the app lets you get a grip on its various features through a couple of help screens. Once past that, you’re taken to the app’s image capturing mode that displays various on-screen controls. Using these controls, you can switch between various supported photo effects, toggle flashlight On/Off, jump to the app’s homescreen, and most important of them all, start capturing the panoramic photos.


As of now, Panorama Pro supports the following effects:

  • Old Photo
  • Color Sketch
  • Black & White

As evident from the app’s viewfinder interface, once you start capturing, all you need to do is constantly keep moving the camera towards right (or left), and keep your hands as steady as possible in the whole while. The slider at the bottom keeps you apprised of the total progress of the captured panorama.


As soon as the image is captured, you’re taken to another screen from where you may share, preview or delete the photo. Swiping left/right on this screen lets you check out other images from the gallery. Tapping the camera button at the bottom lets you grab another image whereas tapping the share button leads you to the sharing screen that allows you to add a brief description to the photo, and pick the preferred sharing options. To enable the aforementioned One click sharing option, tap Menu > Settings. Captured images are stored within the Panorama folder on your device’s SD card.

Below are a few of the sample images captured using various effects of Panorama Pro.




The images above have been rescaled to fit according to the webpage settings.

Download Panorama Pro for Android

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