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Permanent Root T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide made it to XDA forums last night and within 5 hours permanent root has been achieved. The downside of this root is that it isn’t a usual one clicker and it is applicable for devices with unlocked bootloaders i.e. S-OFF. The method requires you to have ample command over ADB and applying scripts so this rooting procedure, for now, is a no go area for starters and flashing novices. In order to start with this rooting method, you will first need bits and pieces from TeamWin’s temporary rooting exploit following by deployment of GingerBreak rooting exploit using SuperOneClick root. We believe that a more easier and automated version of this rooting procedure will come as soon as developers are able to optimize the script and their code.

Here are the step by step instruction to root your MyTouch 4G Slide direct from crackeyes, senior XDA member and Android developer:

1)Start off with a fresh install of the TMO 1.28 ROM
2)Used temp root from MT4GSROOT.zip Thanks TeamWin for the temproot method Here is thread for original files)
open MT4GSROOT\ADB (on pc)
Make sure that you have USB debugging turned on (on phone) and drivers installed to PC
Run Fre3voMT4gS.bat (from MT4GSROOT\ADB)
3)check in ternimal ((on phone) need to install from market)) and see if you have root (I got permission denied)
4)ran superonclick with Gingerbreak exploit (thanks CLShortFuse for making this tool) (on pc) – S1C thread
open MT4GSROOT and click on Superoneclick.exe
change exploit to Gingerbreak
hit root
Installed busybox when asked by S1C
Run Su test and looked on phone and Superuser asked for permission
5)Tried opening a app that uses root (root explorer) and SU FC on me
6)go to market and make sure you had latest version Installed (i had an update I needed)
7)Update binary when opening SU for the first time
Allow the SU app SU priviliages (funny I know)
8)Open a root app (root explorer again) and SU asked for permission
Test for permroot
turned off fastboot
deleted a system/app file (in this case htcfmwidget and htcfmwidge.obex) -using the r/w option in root explorer

It is essential to note that this rooting procedure is only recommended for devices which already have an S-OFF. There is no manual method to S-OFF MT4G Slide until now but we believe that AlphaRevX, responsible for S-Offing multiple HTC Android devices, might come up with an S-Off solution for this phone as well.

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