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Permanent Temp Root For HTC Sensation Now Available

Although HTC announced unlocked bootloaders for HTC Sensation, we still have to see any materialistic or seeable development in this regard from HTC. The quest for gaining permanent root privileges on HTC Sensation is gathering pace as there are developers who are trying really hard to make their temp root stick for a while. The latest effort in this regard came from Android Spin Forums senior member Eugene, who has released a “Permanent Temp Root a.k.a Perma Temp Root” that sticks while you hack away bloatware and install stuff needing SU and busybox without the fear of them getting deleted.


Here is what the developer has to say about this rooting solution for HTC Sensation:

Thanks goes to #TeamWin for Temp Root!!!
Everyone knows that currently with any temp root, you still lose links to the SU Binary & Busybox links, it’s just a matter of time before it happens!!
So after digging around somewhat I found an over sight that HTC might use later for system updates via /vendor/bin, who knows at this point though… Anyways, after amount of time the SU Binary along with busybox links if be in system/bin or /system/xbin gets deleted / removed..
Now, what I did was enable the $Path to /vendor/bin which is in the Sensation export PATH..
Any Calls made from this point either be SU or Busybox don’t get deleted nor touched from any App requesting the SU Binary!! I’ve tested this with a lot of apps & the Root sticks in place..
Other than Reboot, it might as well be a Perma-Temp-Root!!

This permanent temp root for HTC Sensation comes with all root necessities like Busybox, SU APK & Binary, Fre3VO exploit and sqlite3. The hack also comes with some of the branded bloatware removed. You can download modified Fre3VO rooting archive from here, unzip the file contents to a location of your choice on PC and then connect your phone and click on Run_ME_fre3vo_Root.bat. Please note that this hack is only intended for PC users and if you want to give it a shot on Mac or Linux, then you are on your own to recompile and make it compatible with mentioned operating systems.

For more information, support and feedback, please visit the Android Spin forums thread posted here. Also note that rooting your handset voids any attached warranties and there is a chance of phone getting permanently damaged in this process. Please proceed with caution and avoid if you aren’t ready to handle the risks involved.

Disclaimer: AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the rooting process.

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