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Perstory: View Graphical History Of Daily Routine Tasks

Perstory is a free task management app for Android that lets you define all the various tasks you need to perform on a regular basis, and adds timestamps to them each time you mark them complete. The app then uses these timestamps to display the history of each task in the form of a graph, which can help you keep a tab on, say, your personal habits, household chores, or any other aspect of your daily routine. Imagine the convenience of having an app that can, for example, maintain a historical record of all your monthly debts, complete with date, time and number of occurrences so that you know how many payments have been made, when you made the last payment and when to make the next one.

Perstory has the option of triggering a timer for each task that has been marked ‘Done!’ so that you know exactly how long it’s been since the event last occurred. Each time you mark an item complete, the app places a timestamp against that task, increments the number of timestamps by one and restarts a counter that displays the time since the last timestamp.

Tracking and managing tasks becomes even more simplified with the folder support that Perstory sports. Not only can you add individual tasks, you can create a collection of various subtasks under a master task (a separate folder). For instance, you may add a folder named ‘Billing’ and store payment history of all your utility bills under it, each maintained as a separate subtask.

Perstory-Android-Folders Perstory-Android-Tasks

Perstory is quite simple to use. To add/create a new task, enter the required title in the text field at the bottom of your screen and tap the plus (+) sign. Adding a folder is simple too. While on the app’s homescreen or within a folder, select Menu > Add Folder, specify folder title and tap Save Changes. To mark a task complete, long-press on it and select Done! As mentioned earlier, each time you repeat this procedure, the app automatically adds a fresh timestamp against that particular task. Tapping on a task lists all the various timestamps that have been added over a period of time. Each folder, task and timestamp entry can be edited and deleted by long pressing on the required item.


From the app’s settings screen (Menu > Preferences), you can sort tasks by title or elapsed time. Also, you can pick from a preferred date/time format, enable/disable folder support, toggle time count (in seconds) and sub item count (number of tasks present within a folder) from the same screen.

Perstory-Android-New-Item Perstory-Android-Settings

The app sports too simplistic an interface, and wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is certainly room for improvement in that area. Also, the option to sync your time-stamped tasks with a calendar, add countdown timers and receiving timely notifications for all pending tasks, share tasks on cloud or with buddies/colleagues and search for added tasks manually would be welcome additions. The app has a great concept and brings something rare (if not completely new) to the genre; a better interface and a few more of the usual time management features will only help it grow faster on the Market.

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